Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So why the need to declutter?

This is why.

I sat at this table every morning doing my makeup. Every morning, I would knock over something. Every morning, l would be spilling stuff out of everywhere simply because it was just way too cramped.

Funnily enough, l didn't actually have a problem with this. Yes, l found it annoying to a certain extent but it never really bothered me until one day I woke up and realized l was sick to death of constantly knocking shit over.

I decided then that it was time to declutter.

I took out all the stuff and products l had. Mind you, I'm a huge makeup and beauty junkie.

This was what was hiding under my table.

Then I decided it was time to reorganize my makeup bag.


l sure have a lot of makeup.

Anyway, this is the new and improved table after going through some sorting.



A couple of weeks later, I decided to give decluttering another go. Do you see I had a lot of stuff on the shelf above?

Here's what if looks like now!

So much more zen don't you think?

There's still a lot more improvement I can do. I'm hoping that in time, I will exist with a bare table, but hey, one step at a time, right?

Who Am I?

Hello everybody! I’m a 26 year old girl living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I come from a small town but I moved here when I started studying, and am now working in a multinational corporation. I love makeup, shoes and all things beauty related!

What I’m going to be writing about in this blog, however, is not going to be about that. I’ve recently started re-evaluating my life and I’ve decided that I need to cut out a lot of clutter in my life (this means giving away and throwing out a lot of junk – yes, that includes shoes, clothes and accessories, things I hold near and dear to my heart) in order to make room for what’s really important in my life. I’ll explain more about that, but as of now, I’m trying my best to cut out my shopping (June 14 2013 was the day I took a vow not to buy any clothes and shoes for a year) in order to be less dependent on material possessions.

So the purpose of this blog really is for a couple of things – it’s a checking mechanism for me, to go through this year without buying anymore clothes or shoes. Bear in mind, I’m a serious shopaholic so this is really quite a difficult feat for me to do. Also, I want to really discover what I want most in life – and what I find meaningful. And since I’m not going to be buying anymore clothes or shoes for the year, I will content myself with taking lots of pictures of the stuff that I already have – and discover new ways to wear it!

So this is me, and we will see if I manage to fix this shopping addiction of mine.