Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So why the need to declutter?

This is why.

I sat at this table every morning doing my makeup. Every morning, I would knock over something. Every morning, l would be spilling stuff out of everywhere simply because it was just way too cramped.

Funnily enough, l didn't actually have a problem with this. Yes, l found it annoying to a certain extent but it never really bothered me until one day I woke up and realized l was sick to death of constantly knocking shit over.

I decided then that it was time to declutter.

I took out all the stuff and products l had. Mind you, I'm a huge makeup and beauty junkie.

This was what was hiding under my table.

Then I decided it was time to reorganize my makeup bag.


l sure have a lot of makeup.

Anyway, this is the new and improved table after going through some sorting.



A couple of weeks later, I decided to give decluttering another go. Do you see I had a lot of stuff on the shelf above?

Here's what if looks like now!

So much more zen don't you think?

There's still a lot more improvement I can do. I'm hoping that in time, I will exist with a bare table, but hey, one step at a time, right?

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