Saturday, August 3, 2013


I have a big, serious addiction to online shopping.
I love Amazon. I discovered it last year and now I have a bunch of books from there.
I love Asos. I have parcels from Asos coming in every month for me.
I don’t love Zalora, though. While they offer really good service, (COD on delivery, next day service, etc) the quality of the clothes really aren’t there. I was too lazy to return it to them, so now I stick to Asos.
The problem with a shopping addiction, like any other addiction, is that it’s very costly.
I also went on quite the shopping spree this year. I shopped around for not one but three island holidays. Then I went and bought a bunch of furniture from Ikea. Here, look at my new cupboard!


And it’s a bit ironic, I had to buy a new cupboard because I had so much stuff.

Look, I really like Redken stuff okay. I was stocking up for a rainy day! I posted this picture on Instagram and then a friend of mine asked me how many heads exactly did I think I have – only one head to shampoo, no need so much shampoo?

Then I went and bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

So yes. I feel like I’ve been behaving like a stupid, spoilt brat. I see something I like, I go out and buy it. And honestly, it feels extremely meaningless. I want to stop this. And this is why I’m doing the no buying clothes or shoes for a year. I won’t be buying myself anymore gadgets too for the year, and no more bags. Speaking of which, I bought myself a Macbook Air last November. Then I went to Europe earlier this year and bought myself a Prada bag.

So yes. I have a serious shopping problem. No, I’m not in debt. Okay, a bit of debt. Debt that’s cleared in the next month or so. Or maybe two or three months.

So this has to stop. No more buying all this endless amounts of stuff that’s not really contributing to anything in my life except for giving me a fat credit card bill every month.

Goodbye, Asos. I will see you next year.

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