Sunday, September 1, 2013


Good morning everybody!

It's the 1st of September today. I love new months, new weeks, new days, because they're always a promise of something fresh. I also operate on a cycle of - 'Ah, finally, this is the week that everything will go right!' (which is why I never have Monday blues, and why I always look forward to new weeks, only to be a bit disappointed towards the weekend), but it's actually very nice and motivating, because like the start of a new year, the start of a brand new week promises something great.

Anyway, I am very excited to start this week. I'm going to spend my Sunday at the kiddies home - I have been very productive this morning already and bought 3 block cakes and 3 swiss rolls to go over there (ok, sidetrack, I wanted to buy roast chicken initially but the ones I saw at the supermarket were a little bit too puny, so, no.) Buying stuff for others is a really good feeling! It feels a lot better than buying dresses on ASOS (which is really a very good feeling too) and there's a lot more satisfaction you get in buying these things.

Which also got me thinking - a lot of us don't donate actual money to charity homes because we're worried about the money being embezzled, etc. I for one don't donate money, and that's why I prefer buying food or something that can't be embezzled. But if you think about it, if these caregivers do take a bit of that money for themselves, is it so wrong? When I was at the home, I saw how hard these caregivers work and how much effort it takes. It's really not an easy job. After seeing this, I decided it's okay, and maybe I'm also going to start donating money.

September is going to be a month of change for me, but I'm looking forward to it mostly because I have had a terrible week last week, and this week will be a good week. The one thing I like about having off days, or off weeks, is that after the downs, come the highs. Things can only get better, you know?

I've also found a few new blogs to read. I really enjoy reading good blogs because I really do feel they enrich me. Reading blogs of fashion and beauty are fun for a while, but they get dull in the long run and end up promoting FOMO instead.

This is a blog I came across today, and I really like his style of writing.

And this post!

It's actually very similar what I'm trying to do - by trying to write every day!

I do need to have more of a direction of how I want this blog to be - right now it's a lot of random musings, so I will be working on that these coming weeks.

Signing off for now, with a very good mood and with lots of anticipation of what this week holds for me.


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