Saturday, August 3, 2013


I caved in the other day.

Now, initially I told myself I was not to buy anymore shoes, clothes or accessories for a year. I was in Sabah last weekend, and I happened to be at a market which was full of accessories.

I saw a bangle that I really liked, and it was only RM5. If you get this sort of thing in KL, you’d be paying RM29.90 for it. So I stood there.

For a long time.

Holding the bangle, twisting it around, putting it on my wrist.

And then, I walked away.

I was very proud of myself for putting it back – the old me would have said, “Hey, it’s just RM5, what’s the big deal? It’s a steal! Absolute bargain! Buy!”

But this idea of minimalism is really not about the money – it’s really about examining the root core of why you’re doing it. It’s about being able to focus on more important things in life, and not get caught up with all the small-ish clutter that’s around.

So, holding onto my purse tightly, I walked away very happily.

Unfortunately for me, I walked into another market, and I discovered pearl bracelets that were going for cheap.

And I have to say, in a giant moment of weakness, after all that noble and pious self reasoning, I caved and I bought four of them.

Okay, let me explain! The reason why I felt so strongly about those pearl bracelets are really because I once bought five pearl bracelelets, and I always wear them to work.

Well, at one point in time I did.

But somehow I’ve managed to lose them, and I’ve been looking all over the place for them but I can’t find them.

So I bought those bracelets, with some half attempt to reason that it’s really to replace the ones I’ve lost, I’d be using them all the time, blah blah blah.

Anyway, it has been a week and those bracelets are still sitting in the bag, untouched.

So yes, I have :

1)   Broken my vow over bracelets I am not even wearing (I must dig them out and wear them today)
2)   Learnt that if I really treasured or valued something, I would have kept them somewhere properly instead of losing them.

Regarding my vow, I know I’ve broken it but I did expect some lapses. And we shall see, whether this will be the only lapse for the year, or whether I will have a few more.

However, I still haven’t gotten any clothes or shoes since Jun 14, so 1 step at a time!

Also, I just chanced upon this article on

Here’s the link :

Read it. It rings very true to how I feel recently.

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