Friday, August 16, 2013


And a lot of it.
I went to the bank today to check how much more I owed on my credit card (I had just paid off RM1,500 last night so I was very pleased with myself) but I was horrified to find out I still owed another RM3,500.

It’s my goal that I will pay this debt off next week when my pay comes in. The minute the pay comes in, it’s going to the credit card.

Then I will survive on eating grass and tree bark for the rest of the month, but so be it.

I realize that having this debt is really a big pain in the ass, and it’s mental clutter. Some of my friends say it’s not too big and it’s okay, it can be cleared in the next couple of months. The problem is, lately I keep thinking ‘Oh yes, I’ll clear it next month’ then I keep buying more stuff.

So, no more.

Also, I have taken my credit card out of my wallet and am now leaving it at home. I’m hoping this will be an effective deterrent and I’m also trying to aim for an empty bill next month.

I bought some groceries earlier today, so I’m going to start cooking more and not eating so much anymore. It’s actually quite fun when you take this as a challenge and see if you can live off a lot less than what you’re used to. I’m a very indulgent sort of person, so cutting back for me on all the things I’m used to does take some sacrifice but I think this is good for me and will make me stronger.

On another note, I did not burst my food budget for the day, so I am very happy with this! One step at a time!

I am super exhausted now, going to sleep. Good night and have a good day everyone!

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