Sunday, August 4, 2013


I spent the past three weekends decluttering.
Now, for some reason this task had been particularly hard on me because I never ever like throwing anything away.
But you come to a point in life where you’re just sick of all the stuff that’s around you.
Sick of the mess.
Sick of never being able to find what you want.
Sick of constantly burrowing through stuff because you’ve forgotten where you put it.
So I figured it was time to pack it all away.
And goodness, I threw out so much stuff.
Okay, I didn’t throw it out. I packed it away and sent it to a home. It’s a charity and recycling home, so at least all the stuff I wasn’t using was being put into good use.
This made me feel better, too. After all, there are some items you have where you think ‘Oh, this is really cute, maybe I’ll use it again!” and then you keep it. But isn’t it a lot better if someone else can use it a lot more than you and would probably appreciate it more too?
So I took out 4 garbage bags of clothes.
Here’s a picture of some of the stuff I donated.


Bundled them away, along with more stuff.

Tidied my accessories table.

Okay, I know. I still need to massively declutter this table.

The next weekend, donated more clothes and also some comforters and bedsheets.

Then called this number :

They are the best! I donated a table too so they came over and collected all the stuff.

Here’s some stuff I discovered after decluttering.

1.     I feel lighter and happier.
2.     I suddenly have a lot of closet space. I used to buy and buy hangers and they were never enough. Suddenly I have lots of space and I don’t have to squash my clothes into the rails anymore!
3.     I find things a lot easier now.
4.     I read somewhere that you only really utilize 20% of your wardrobe, while the other 80% is your one offs. Kinda true, because everything seems much more well utilized now.
5.     My room has become a place of peace for me now.

So why don’t you give it a go?

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