Saturday, August 17, 2013


I recently got a new phone number.

I’ve always existed on having one phone only – I didn’t want the upkeep and maintanence of keeping two phones, but I’ve had too many holidays where work calls and texts were just coming in. While I understand that if they’re really urgent they’re necessary, but a lot of times they really aren’t and it just ends up completely stressing me out and causing me not to be able to enjoy my holiday at all.

While it might not be very minimalist of me to have two phone numbers instead of one (the argument might be, why not switch your phone off during work days, then you can keep only one phone number!) I have a bit of a win-win situation here, because I recently bought a Galaxy Note 8.0 (yes, spending again, but I’m really stopping now), it’s actually a broadband SIM card but people can call me (I have no credit to call people). Also, I think that I need a phone number in case my family has an emergency. So only really few people have that number, and that Galaxy Note doesn’t even have Whatsapp in it.

To be honest, I find myself starting to really hate Whatsapp.

It’s so much clutter, so much noise. There’s so much rubbish that people say (me included) and because nobody’s worried about what it costs anymore, people are just spewing ‘Haha. Lol. Haha. Ok. Smiley. Emoticon.”

I find this really annoying in group chats, and I hate waking up in the mornings to having a couple of hundred messages on Whatsapp.

I’m actually thinking of disabling Whatsapp on my primary phone number, but currently I’m still on a couple of work related group chats so I can’t for now.

I was on leave earlier this week, and the great thing about having this new number is I can really have my phone away from me and be able to spend proper, quality leave.

While I love my work and my job, I also think it’s a really good idea to disconnect and just take a breather sometimes.

When there’s more balance in life, it just sure does feel a lot better. And honestly, it also makes me work a lot better. 

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