Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I received tickets to watch the movie screening of Frozen Ground a couple of days ago, and I happily accepted without knowing head or tail of what the movie was about.

Anyway, when I got to the cinema, I was a bit horrified to discover it was a Nicolas Cage movie (the past 3 movies I’ve seen with him inside it have been less than impressive) but it was too late to do anything about it then.

The movie  is actually based on a true story of the hunt for this sick serial rapist / killer. If you Google Robert Hansen up, you can actually read about this guy. I won’t say much about this movie except that it’s pretty disturbing (especially when you’re watching it during Hungry Ghost festival and get lost in the carpark after the movie) and also quite entertaining. The movie does have a little bit of a slow pace, but I have to say I actually really did like this movie despite it having Vanessa Hudgens in there (she was dancing around in a bra and panty at one scene, is there any surprise there?)

After watching the movie, I went and Googled up the real story. It really is very scary, what he did to all those girls. In movie form it’s entertaining, but when you actually think of how he did this to all those poor girls, it’s terrifying.

I wonder what drives people to do such things. Apparently he was bullied as a child and also had some sort of schizophrenia or disorder but was not taking medication.

Anyway, when you watch a movie like that, it makes you realize how lucky you are that your life is so sheltered. One of the victims that got away, Cindy Paulsen (real girl) was a prostitute that managed to escape. There are a couple of scenes which shows Cindy in seedy clubs etc, and again it makes you realize how lucky you are that you’re in a safe and sheltered environment, instead of one with pimps and drugs lurking around at any corner.

So, go ahead. Watch that movie. But probably not during Hungry Ghost Festival.

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