Sunday, August 11, 2013


I bought a dress today.

Today, the 11th of Aug 2014, I bought a dress, 3 days short of being 2 months free of not buying clothes.

Let me explain.

I have recently been reading a lot about dressing for success, and how your dressing really makes an impact on how seriously people take you. Therefore, I've traded in a lot of my zany outfits (very Harajuku inspired) for more corporate looking ones.

For example, this is how I used to dress :

Yes, this is what I wear to work. Tube dresses.

And now, this is a more sedate, toned down version.

Anyhow, I decided that I really needed to get a proper blazer. The current blazer I have is from Cotton On, and it's been machine washed a lot so it looks very worn and not too professional. (Actually, it's the one I'm wearing above). It might look fine, but close up you can see how the material has all worn off.

I decided I needed to go out and get a proper blazer.

You'd be surprised, it's not as easy as it is to get a good blazer. I went to Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Uniqlo, and quite a number more of shops and I couldn't find one. There was one I found at Ted Bakers, but it's RM1k (250 Euros, kill me).

But, I happened to chance upon a dress. It's an extremely functional dress when it comes to work, it's beige, it's knee length, it's appropriate and it's a good fit. I figured it would be one of my key pieces in my work wardrobe, so I bought it (RM100).

I wasn't really prepared for the guilt that came over me after buying it though. Because yes, it's something good to have, to have a nice dress on when you do presentations etc, but at the same time I know that it's something that I can live without. Also, I was out looking for a blazer and I came back with a dress instead.

I have noticed that people do take you more seriously when you also dress more seriously. Also, if you take yourself more seriously, the people around you tend to do so too. I used to treat life like it was one big joke, and to be quite honest it treated me right back like I was one. So I've decided really, that I need to dress more sedate.

So, yes. I fell off the wagon today with my dress. I think in order to compensate for it, I will get rid of 5 items from my closet (my personal rule for now is that my outflow (stuff being donated or thrown away) needs to be way bigger than my inflow so that I'm not too stuck with stuff).

That's all for today :)

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