Monday, August 12, 2013


Here's something I discovered about throwing out old stuff which I didn't expect before.

It's really strange, but since I've started paring down my stuff and giving things away, a lot of new, good things have happened to me.

A lot of new doors and new opportunities have presented themselves. I'm not going to talk about them now, but it's amazing how many new things have started happening since I started getting rid of all the old stuff.

It feels almost as if all this clutter has been cluttering my life not just physically, but mentally. And now that I've been letting a lot of stuff go, it's brought about a new lease to my life.

Once you start getting rid of stuff, it's a lot easier to also stop buying stuff because there's a lot less emotional attachment to things now. It's not so much about 'If I buy this new bag, I will be happier,' anymore, which is what it used to be about. A new Prada bag will be a nice status symbol on my shoulder. It will make people look at me differently. I'll be more respected, I'll have more adulation, I'll be happier.

And really, it's not about that. Yes, I have my Prada bag. (And, hee hee, I really like it, I'm not giving it away). But it's more about the need on wanting to buy so much stuff. It's about that feeling that wells up inside you, uncontrollably, yelling at you to just throw your credit card out at the store person and give you that new bag, tablet, MacBook Air, whatever.

No, money doesn't buy happiness.

To be honest, I used to think that whoever said money doesn't buy happiness either has :
a) too much money
b) no money

Because yes, money can certainly make your life a lot more comfortable. It buys you nice holidays, and if you're a guy, probably buys you a nice looking expensive girlfriend too.

But no, it doesn't buy you real happiness.

Honestly, at this point of time in my life, the things that make me happiest don't require money (or a lot of it).

Maybe I've grown a little older, and that's why I've started preferring to spend more time at home and be with myself, but whatever it is, I've discovered that quality relationships make me happy.

Being with the right people make me happy.

But I still wouldn't say no to a Prada bag if you handed it to me!

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