Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Waste not, want not.

I confess, I waste a lot of stuff. I live a pretty carefree life - I order what I want, more often that not I don't finish my food, and I never worry about how much food costs. Yes, at the back of my mind I realize this behaviour is wasteful and should stop, but I've never really placed that much importance on making an effort to stop it.

What happened though, was last week I went to a home for disabled kids. I was there during their teatime, and I saw egg mayo sandwiches being handed out.
They were basic sandwiches, two pieces of white bread with egg and mayo and filling, wrapped in clingwrap. The volunteers would hand the sandwiches out to the kids, who would eagerly grab the sandwiches and chomp happily on it.

It made me realize something.

Number one, how priveleged my life is and how I don't appreciate that fact. How this behaviour of wasting needs to stop, when there are so many others that are in bigger need.

I also read that while there are 1.4 billion people in the world who are obese, there are also 1 billion people who are going hungry, so we really should think about the redistribution of wealth and food - people who don't need all that extra food are stuffing it down their throats while people who do, aren't getting any.

Number two, how those sandwiches were very simple but they certainly fulfilled a need with the kids. To those kids, it really didn't matter that it wasn't some fancily wrapped Starbucks sandwich. It didn't matter that it was basic - it was food, and it was delicious.

I have really started making an effort now to stop wàsting food. And I realize, that the more I make this effort to not waste food, the more I realize how careless I was previously.

It's just incredibly basic. Don't order more than you can finish. Don't order food for the sake of ordering food or just because you're greedy.

I am going again next week, and I will write about what new realizations I have then.

Au revoir!

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