Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was out having coffee with a friend of mine the other day, and he told me this story which made me laugh.

Once upon a time, there were two cows. One was a Clever Cow, and the other was a Stupid Cow. Clever Cow and Stupid Cow were both by a riverside drinking water, when they spied upon something in the river.
"Hey! That's an alligator!" Clever Cow said.
"No, that's a piece of wood," Stupid Cow said unconcernedly and continued drinking water.
"No, it's an alligator! We'd better get out of here!" Clever Cow exclaimed.

The two cows continued arguing about whether it was an alligator or a piece of wood. Finally, thoroughly exasperated, Clever Cow decided to show Stupid Cow that it was an alligator.

"You don't believe me that it's an alligator? Look!?"

Clever Cow trotted over to the 'alligator' and gave it a good hard poke with its hoof.

GRAWRR!! (okay, I am not too sure what noises alligators make.)

Clever Cow was now Dead Cow, as the alligator had decided to eat him.

Stupid Cow was shocked.

"Oh! So Clever Cow was in the right!" Stupid Cow thought, and moved further down the bank to distance itself from the alligator.

A while later, a Second Stupid Cow came along.

"Hey, be careful, there's an alligator down there," Stupid Cow told the Second Stupid Cow.
"Naw! It's a piece of wood!" Second Stupid Cow said.
This argument went on again, and finally, Stupid Cow decided to show Second Stupid Cow that he was correct.

GRAWRR!! Of course, Stupid Cow was now Second Dead Cow.

The moral of the story is this :

Sometimes, you just cannot win with stupid people. Even if you try your best to set them straight, it is to your own detriment. The best solution is not to argue with them and just to walk away.

The end!

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