Thursday, September 19, 2013


Fight or flight?

I was having this discussion with my friend David about a year ago, and we were talking about being stuck in a negative situation. You essentially have two choices - one, being to fight the situation and ultimately win, and the second, to flee.

The obvious choice is always to fight, and it always appears cowardly to flee. But as we spoke more about it, David brought up a point which I felt really made sense.

"What's wrong with running?"

That got me thinking.

If you're in a really negative and toxic situation, what is wrong with leaving it? Sometimes you can't fix certain things, especially if people involved are not going to cooperate with you. If your'e leaving a bad marriage, technically that's considered fleeing, but isn't that for the better? If you've got an abusive husband, do you necessarily pick up a steel rod and fight back? Not necessarily. Leaving sometimes is the better option.

The absence of fighting does not make one weak. It does take strength to leave a situation, because leaving is also getting out of your  comfort zone. Sometimes, we find comfort in our misery. We know it, we understand it, and we sort of revel in a morbid way. Leaving, is not necessarily the coward's way out.

There are times you fight. There are also times when you need to realize which battles to pick. You can't win them all. Or, maybe you can, but at the expense of getting very tired.

I've begun to realize the importance on focusing on a couple of select things I find truly important. Gone are the days where I want to spread myself too thin and find myself unfocused because I'm not concentrating properly on any one task.

So, do you fight or flee? There really isn't a right or wrong answer here.

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