Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I think improvement is extremely important in everyone’s lives. People constantly seek for improvement – in terms of lifestyle, knowledge, finances, relationships – you name it, people are there, trying to improve it.

Why improve?

It’s more than about self fulfillment. Yes, I think that’s the main driving force – having a sense of accomplishment and feeling fulfilled in what you do. Or, if you’re a parent, you probably want to provide more for your children. Maybe you’re an only child and you want to help your ailing parents. Whatever the reason, we all have our motivations to improve.

The question is then – how do we seek constant improvement? It’s easy to get complacent, and slide into your comfort zone. Improvement is all about pushing yourself past your limits, past your comfort level.

I confess. I haven’t been studying my Chinese. Instead, I have been sleeping. I actually wake up very early nowadays (my boyfriend calls me at 5 or 6am) and after we finish talking, technically I could start reading Chinese but somehow I always end up falling asleep again.

So, no. This has to stop. Tomorrow, I need to pick my Chinese books up again.

Here’s the thing – we can always make excuses for why we don’t do something. No time. We’re busy! Things catch up. But at the end of the day, that’s what it will only end up being. Excuses.  And we’ll be stuck in the land of mediocrity.

I choose not to be stuck in this land of mediocrity. I have the choice to stay in it (and by that, all I need to do is continue sleeping) or I can try and improve myself by being a little bit uncomfortable and having less sleep, but learning a new language. Mediocrity, or improvement? The choice is mine.

So what do you want to improve about yourself?

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