Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Decluttering is very addictive.

Previously, if you asked me to get rid of things, I would have flung myself over my beloved possessions screaming at you and fighting tooth and nail against letting any go.

I need these things! I need those shoes! You don't know anything, go away! Leave me alone with my stuff!

Ever since I've started throwing out things, I've discovered a form of liberation. Every time I pick something up and throw it out, I experience a little frisson of satisfaction. There goes one more thing that doesn't add value in my life. With everything I throw out, whether it's something as mundane as a receipt in my wallet, I feel good.

Decluttering isn't just physical. I've decided to declutter my time, too. I now only spend time with people I really want to spend time with. You know how sometimes you're forced or obligated to go out with certain people, even if you don't feel like doing it? I've stopped. I only go out with people I genuinely want to be with, and if I know I'm going to have a painful time, I avoid it at all costs.

And, when I'm with people, I try and focus more on them. No phone. No Instagram. It really annoys me and pisses the shit out of me when people are glued to their phones in social settings. it's just plain rude. Why don't you stay at home and be glued to your digital world then?

It's also a very good feeling if you declutter for charity. And I think, everyone really should try and make a point to do charity. No, it's not to be selfless. Be a little selfish here. Charity actually makes you feel really good about yourself, and you're also doing a good deed by brightening up someone else's life. Go spend an hour with some orphans. Hang out with some people at the old folks home.

You know, when I'm at the orphans home, I realize the one thing they're very starved of is physical affection. They like hugs, kisses, and you just holding them. They want love, and to feel loved. Go love them.

I've also realized, though, you cannot force people to go to orphanages with you. I've tried this, and ended up very disappointed. Also in hindsight, it would probably be a lot better for the kids if people who genuinely want to be there, are there, instead of a bunch of people who have been forced to.

I also believe in decluttering people, but that's a post for another day.

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