Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Have you ever taken a look around your room, pleased with yourself that you'd done such a good job tidying it up - only to find it in the same mess it used to be in a week later?

It's been three moths since I've been on my decluttering streak, and yesterday when I came back from my holiday I realized that my room was once again looking half like a tornado.

While I have very much less stuff than I previously did, lately the discipline to put things back where the belong has been evading me. I'm going to make it a conscious effort again to start doing this.

However, while I expect myself to slide off the wagon once in a while and turn into the untidy monster I've been my whole life, I am also pleased to report that there are some things which seem to have taken a change for the better since I started this whole decluttering journey.

I buy less

I used to be a huge shopaholic. Ask anybody. When I went to Japan, I had a lot of problems because I had a lot of stuff and not enough bags to fit the stuff in. Then, when I got to the airport I got a really huge shock. I was a very unseasoned traveller, and because I had bought so much stuff, I had to pay RM900 for my excess baggage.

RM900 can buy me a lot of other things.

Everywhere I went, I would buy things like I was on steroids. I went to a chocolate factory in Germany. I ended up buying a new suitcase to fit all the chocolates, I kid you not. 

Even when I'm home I shop. And literally, I mean when I'm at home. You know those shiny looking models in VictoriasSecret.com? It's just click, click, click and I've easily spent RM1,000. Then when I find Victoria's Secret a bit too expensive, I will head off to Asos, cause it's free shipping! Then it's more clicking. 

I'm not a techie, but once I was dragged to Digital Mall where I ended up buying lots of gadgets I didn't need. I even bought games, I think. I'm not too sure why.

Since I've started decluttering, I've also stopped buying a lot of things. It is crazy how much better my life seems to be. I no longer worry about having overweight baggage at holidays. I can actually afford nicer holidays too, and more holidays, because I'm now spending money on an experience instead of on stuff. My credit card bill has gone down significantly. (Yay! It's really, really, finally cleared this month!)

There's more space in my wardrobe.

Actually, this is how I want my apartment to look like in future.


See what a nice, clean space he has? I want that space.

Also, I want my wardrobe to look like this.


Scroll down a little, and you will see how much space he has between all his hung shirts! A lot of my friends tell me it's more difficult for me and I will never achieve this because I'm a girl and I have so much stuff. Yes, it's true that girls have more stuff. But I still want to have a wardrobe that looks like that, I don't care!

Buying less has also made me realize that I need less. Do you really need another new dress? Do you really need some useless piece of junk just because it's cute? It's going to gather dust after a while and you forget about it. I'm very much impulse driven, and I buy a lot of things on impulse only to forget it after that. 

Looking at all the stuff I've been packing lately, it makes me wonder how much money I've spent on all my ton of junk. All the shoes, the clothes (I have now packed my 5th box of clothes to be given away). 

It's also a lot easier nowadays to control my spending habit, now that I'm a little more used to it. Initially, it was very difficult. I don't even feel the urge to go shopping or go on Asos anymore, unless it's something I really need (and with the amount of junk I have still residing in my cupboards, that need is hardly ever going to pop up). 

People gather things, and buy stuff sometimes to feel safe. I sure do feel safe when I'm surrounded by my mountain of clutter. It's about the knowledge of knowing something I may need in the obscure near future is within my reach. But with this mountain, also comes the general unease of having so much clutter that your peace of mind is taken away. 

Try going a month without shopping. Or, if that's too much for you, the next time you want to buy something, just really examine how much you need it, and how it's going to value add your life. Then, if you really do buy it, see how much you actually do utilize it. 

I am off to work now. Time to declutter my work space too!

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