Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, it’s declutter season Round 2. As I’m moving next month, I’ve decided that this is the best time for me to get rid of stuff. I’d actually already gotten rid of a lot of clutter a couple of months back, but there’s still so much stuff!

I discovered a couple of things – I really waste money. During my decluttering efforts, I found a couple of things that still had price tags on and that I had never used. Every time I shop, I get overconsumed with excitement and decide I need to buy everything there and then. I bought something literally one year ago, and it’s still in its plastic bag. To be honest, I never even thought about it before!

Lately, my thoughts are also a little conflicted as I want to get a new wardrobe. I’ve been on Pinterest like a deranged fiend, and there are so many new styles that I want to try out. I have a lot of clothes (a lot of them have now been given away) but a lot of them are actually really old and dated because I never threw anything out.

However, if I’m going to try this minimalist approach out, then by right I shouldn’t be getting a whole new wardrobe, right? While I understand minimalism isn’t about self deprivation, and it’s more about focusing on the important stuff in your life right now, I’m a little bit torn on whether to go out there and get lots of new stuff or try and work with what I have.

I’m leaving my box of stuff to be donated open, and right now I have 7 pairs of shoes in that box. This is pretty good progress, because the first day I opened that box, I had 3 pairs of shoes in it and I thought it would be impossible to throw anything else out because I liked them all. Right now, I have 5 open boxes – 1 box for shoes, 2 for clothes, 1 for recyclable boxes and another one that actually has a small cabinet in it. I find by leaving these boxes open, and throwing out stuff a little each day, my clutter is also lessened. Sometimes, what I like today, I don’t like tomorrow. The only rule I have is that I cannot take stuff out of those boxes and put them back into my cupboard.

All these boxes will be sent to a recycling home right before I leave. I’m really looking forward to decluttering more stuff!

That’s it for now. Bye! 

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