Thursday, October 3, 2013



I haven't had time in a while to sit down proper and write - I moved into my new place on Saturday, and before I know it, it's Thursday! Things have gone by really quick - I started working on Monday and right now I'm really, really loving my new job! I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying that, but so far everything is real good.

I've also started decluttering a bit of the stuff I brought here - yes, it would have made a lot more sense to declutter when I was back in Malaysia, but I was too much in a rush and ended up taking a whole bunch of things I don't need. No matter, anyway. Never too late to declutter!

I have been exploring a little bit, and meeting lots of new people. I've never used public transportation before (being Malaysian, I only drive) so I always get a very big thrill of accomplishment every time I manage to land somewhere successfully, hee hee.

I'm feeling really happy, and really blessed to be here. It's a good feeling to have :) I know everything is very new now, and probably that's why it's so exciting, but I also feel very glad that I'm having a positive start to things! I've also decided if I write about negative stuff, then I should also write positive things.

I'll be moving out of my current apartment either next month or the month after - may the house hunting begin! I'm still hoping to get a small unit on the outer suburbs, because while I initially thought I wanted somewhere more central, it seems a little bit too full of buildings for me right now. We will see.

So long, happy people!

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