Sunday, October 27, 2013


Sometimes, in life, you will luck out.

I'm writing this tonight because I feel very blessed, and very lucky to have so many great and amazing people that surround me.

I'm going to be moving into my new apartment this Thursday, and I was a bit stressed about it because I would have preferred to move in on a weekend, and among one of the pesky things I was stressed about was having no bedsheets.

Yes, I could buy bedsheets any time, but I was thinking about all the suitcases I'd be carrying, how I would be moving in on my own, how it would be late at night when I moved in - blah blah blah, all these issues, and generally feeling stressed about it.

Then my super good friend Bryan turns up in my house...with brand new bedsheets he bought for me.

I can't tell you how much that means to me!

There's just this incredibly warm and fuzzy feeling you get when someone does something so thoughtful for you. I can't articulate it - or maybe I don't want to, because if you dissect it and articulate it, it becomes dry and loses its magic, but it's just such a good feeling to have.

It also makes me feel like being a better person. That makes sense, doesn't it? Sometimes when people are mean to you, it makes you mean to people. So when people are nice to you, it also should make you nicer to everyone! It's a pay-it-forward principle!

Also, my boyfriend. I've finally realized that I can actually really talk to him about anything, and he doesn't laugh at me, or judge me, or make fun of me. There are a lot of things I keep to myself (ha ha, ironic, since I'm writing a blog) due to a fear of rejection / humiliation / failure (you name it, but you get the idea, don't you?) but I have discovered that I really can tell him all my petty, stupid things and it's a good feeling to have, knowing that you can open up to someone.

Really opening up yourself to someone is always a scary thing, but that's a story for another day.

And, my mother. I ran out of money earlier this week (it's NOT because I have been shopping or anything, it's because I got locked out of one of my Malaysian accounts) and I needed money for my security deposit. (Also, it is during times like this you will realize how puny the Malaysian ringgit is compared to the SG dollar.) I was a bit embarassed to ask her to wire me money, because I didn't want her thinking I have no money.

Anyway, I told her I needed money, and she just wired it to me the next day, no questions asked, and asked me if I needed any extra.

Mama will always be there for me.

So...yeah. Sometimes I forget and I think 'Why on earth is the world such a grubby place!' but then I realize I have so many amazing people here, and people who have my back, and people who make me feel like life is really good to live, and that I want to contribute and also try my bit to make the world a better place, or a nicer place at least for another person.

There's always bad...but that just always also means that there is always good out there :)

I go to sleep a very happy girl tonight.

Good night everybody!

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