Saturday, October 26, 2013


I think there's just way too much talk about sex today.
Ooh, sex is great.
Let's dress up like sex dolls this Halloween. It's the perfect excuse to get your slut out!
TV shows and movies are all about sex. Most of them, anyway.
I was watching a movie yesterday, 'What's Your Number?'
It was about, well, the number of people one has slept with.
50 Shades of Grey is a hit because of its subject matter.

It's just everywhere you's about sex.

And I don't get it. Isn't it tiresome to talk and talk and talk about one thing incessantly and nothing else? We watch TV about it, read news about it, talk about our friends with it, etc.

I feel that as a general rule, if you talk too much or are exposed to one thing all the time, it loses its appeal. It devalorizes its appeal, it desensitizes its audience.

Yes, it's the easiest way to get attention.

But after a while, I look at all these pictures of these girls, and it just feels so tired, so dull, so meaningless.

I don't understand how people can talk about one subject all the time, and how the media can just continue to glorify this all the time - and why people don't get bored about it. There's nothing thought provoking about it anymore. (Yes, it's probably provoking other bits and is not meant to be thought provoking).

I just feel it's a little sad, to live in a world where we're constantly exposed to this all the time, where things are just in your face, there are no longer any subtleties, no nuances, no mystery. There is nothing left to unravel because people don't bother leaving things to your imagination, it's just practically one porn star imagery after another, constantly, constantly, till you're immune to it, and you don't even realize obscenity when you see it anymore. Things are just plainly vulgar and crass.

I believe life is magical, with all its rich tapestries to unweave - but sadly, none more for here and the oversexualization of our generation.

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