Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Well, well.
I dressed carefully for work today. I wore a black dress, black stockings, gray suede heels, and a scarf wrapped around my neck.
I also forgot one very important detail.
But before that, I was going to and fro from my house to the office, sitting in the MRT, changing lines, walking about.
I forgot..to fucking zip my dress up.

It's a side zip. I put it on, totally forgot about it (also because I wasn't wearing my glasses!) and just scooted out of the house!

I only found out when I was two minutes away from the office, and was waiting for a pedestrian's light. A girl tapped me on the shoulder (she was Filipino) and said, 'Excuse me...your zip isn't zipped.'

Trust a Filipino to be nice, but that's a different point.

Also, today was the day I chose to wear my super hot pink bra, so you can imagine me walking around Singapore with a gaping hole at the side and my pink bra flashing the world.

So, so, so embarrassing!!

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