Tuesday, November 5, 2013


It's 1am, and I'm awake in my bed. An unfamiliar bed, one I will soon find comfort and warmth in.
The plan tonight was to sleep at 10pm, and be awake bright and early but for some reason I find myself unable to sleep. Maybe it's the coffee earlier. Maybe the wine. Maybe the million thoughts I find myself thinking, about everything, and everyone.

I have just moved into my new apartment. I love it so far. I'm very glad I decided to move and be in my own space, have my own kitchen, hang out in my own living room...everything.

I had a bit of a disastrous shopping trip yesterday - first of all, I went to a shopping mall, and it was terrible : dirty, sleazy, it smelled, and worst of all, it didn't have what I wanted, which was groceries. I took another bus then to another mall, which was a mistake. First, this bus took a really long time to come and I was sitting in the sun, cursing myself for forgetting my sunblock. When it finally came and stopped me where I was supposed to, I had to walk another 800 metres. This isn't particularly far, but I wasn't sure which direction I was going, my maps app was being a little wonky with me and the sun was blazing hot. Also, there was lots of construction going on, so I was even more unsure of the route I was taking.

When I finally got to my destination, I went to the information counter because I wanted to take a cab back. I wasn't particularly interested in the idea of lugging back my groceries and walking 800 metres to a bus stop. The guy at the counter told me there were no taxi stands, and I would have to call a cab if I wanted. So, okay, I would just call a cab later, I thought.

I went shopping and bought a lot of potatoes. Juice. Onions. Red and yellow. These things get pretty heavy. I called the cab. No cab was available. Shit. It started raining. I walked around, holding my two plastic bags of potatoes (this time cursing myself for buying so many potatoes), and found a sign to an MRT station. I was ecstatic. Then I discovered I had to climb down a really steep staircase (it was raining, and I am scared of heights) and this stressed me out further. Plus, I couldn't hold the handrails because of the goddamn POTATOES.

Finally managed to get to the MRT and got home in one piece. The potatoes were also in good condition. I cut them up and made a soup with them. It tasted quite bad, because I had forgotten to buy carrots.

My twelve boxes of stuff are coming next week. I'm panicking slightly, because my apartment is about 400 square metres, and there isn't a lot of space to put stuff. It's time for another massive declutter spree (I love decluttering!) but at the same time, I've been doing so much decluttering even before I moved - I wonder how much I can declutter this time around.

I don't have a shoe rack. This distresses me. I don't know where to put my shoes. I think it's ugly when it's put outside. There's no place for a shoe rack. I even contemplated putting my shoes in the balcony, but realized this was a horrible idea when it rained and the floor got very wet.

I miss my dog.

Other than this, all has been going tremendously well. It scares me sometimes when things go too well, but I've never felt so happy (or rather, haven't felt this happy in a really long time). It's a good feeling to have. I walk to work, and I love walking on overhead bridges, because they make me feel like I'm a little bit more on top of the world.

Onto new things.

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