Friday, November 22, 2013


Week Round Up

Facts :

1. I am so goddamn tired.
2. I am so happy to have a partner-in-crime who understands what I'm going through and is exactly going through what I'm going through! :)
3. I hate, hate, hate ********* (can't say, phobia).
4. I don't even care how funny I look running in and out of the apartment every day.
5. I don't need so many clothes. And, I've outgrown all my tastes. Hate everything in my wardrobe.
6. I hate wearing glasses.
7. I hate optometrists who get my power wrong.
8. I wish my hair didn't resemble a broom.
9. I really like living near a hawker centre :D
10. I need a broom. And, no. Not from my head. 

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