Saturday, December 14, 2013


Double standards.

Everyone knows them. We post articles on double standards on Facebook. Pantene Phillipines recently released a new ad - this one - that addresses double standards. Everyone acts as if this is revolutionary and great and as if they've never heard it before.

I like the ad. I agree with it, and I have no problem with it, and I think it's great that they're releasing something other than your stereotypical girl with shiny hair who's main aim in life is to get a guy. What i don't get, and what annoys me, however, are the reactions I get from the ad.

People act as if they've never thought about this before. If they haven't, I'm sorry, hello? These double standards have been existing for the past decades, and in the past 20 years, people sure haven't been silent about double standards.

But that's still not what really peeves me. What peeves me is people acting like this ad is great, and then going back to their daily lives of practising double standards.

It's very simple. If you don't want to live in a world of double standards, then don't.

If you want to be treated like an equal, then act like one.

This means relationships, and bills should be equal. (This is debatable - one partner could be much richer, both could genuinely enjoy not having to equally split everything, etc, but you get the idea).

Girls used to giggle in my school, joking about how when they get married - 'My money is mine, but my husband's money is mine too!'

Jokes like these, no matter how small and petty, contribute to this society of double standards. If we're equal, we're equal. We don't have to be princesses. We don't have to expect more just because we're female. Having this sort of expectation, this need for affirmative action, only reaffirms that we're weak, and we deserve less.

People then always say 'Yes, there is totally a huge double standard in society! Guys who have lots of sex are studs, and girls who have lots of sex are sluts! Yay to female equality, let's all go out and bang everyone and be proud!"

I think this is now being very selective and just looking for an excuse to be sexually promiscous. Personally, I think its equally gross. BUT, that's just my opinion. And I think if people want to go out there and be sexually promiscuous (or active, since that sounds better), then it is really their right to do so and I have absolutely no right to judge. But using this as a double standard, is just a weak and lame excuse to want to go and take off your clothes everywhere you go. Ew. If you want to go out there and multiply, go forth! Procreate! But don't come and use this double standard as an excuse.

I think that we're conditioned from young to be trained as the weaker sex. Expectations are less. We're put in pink frilly dresses (to be honest, even as an adult I still quite like pink frilly dresses, hee hee! :D) This is fine, this is not something we can control, but what we can control, is believing ourselves that we're weaker.

The Pantene ad shows how if a male is strong and aggressive he is depicted as a strong leader, but if a woman is one she's depicted as a bitch. But who's the one contributing to this? We, girls. We're the ones calling the women bosses the bitches for being tough. If we don't stop the way we think, if we don't change our perceptions, nothing is going to change. Pantene can come up with a new ad every five years, and we would be nodding our heads in agreement, then going back and doing exactly what we shouldn't.

So, girls. It's us. It's you and me, that's contributing to this double standard. Every time a female is in a bad mood and we joke about her having her period, that's a double standard.
(on a side note, people constantly say that to me. I would like to point out that I am just a genuinely cranky person all year round and my period has nothing to do with it.)

Every time we make an judgment based on someone's gender, that's a double standard. Every time we say things like 'I hate having a female boss, I'd rather have a male boss,' we are contributing to this. Then, be the female boss you want to me.

Personally, I've never really worked with a male boss so I can't tell the difference and I have no issue working with women. The boss I admire most and has been very instrumental in my growth is a really strong and dynamic lady - she's aggressive and demanding, but in no way is she a bitch. People need to understand the difference between being demanding and being bitchy is - bitchy is just personal, and a lot of men are equally, sometimes if not more, bitchy then some women I know.

So, let's stop this double standard. Let's be the people, the society that we want to be.

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