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I am excited!

#minsgame time!

Now, as I write this, it's Day 1 of the challenge, and I will be documenting the stuff I'm getting rid of.
Of course, my definition of decluttering is going to be stretched a little bit - as long as this leaves my house and isn't clutter in my house, this means that it's going to be counted. Leaving my house means that it's leaving it either as

a) donations
b) trash
c) presents

Also, I have a lot of things I keep in boxes that I never use. What I'm doing this week is also taking out all the things I don't use, and actually start using them. Once finished using, these things are counted as decluttered. I don't care if you think this is cheating. I don't think the point of the game is to have a hard and fast rule of decluttering, but it's really to have less things (and not just to blindly throw things away because you've become so obsessed with winning a game) but because you're actually using things or finding new homes for them.

Before I begin, I would like to share with you what I have been getting rid off this past month.

So, day 1.

I've gotten rid of 10 items of clothing - scarf, pants, shirts. Now, 10 doesn't seem like a big deal, but bear in mind over the past 4 months, I've gotten rid of about 150 items of clothing and I haven't bought much new stuff, so actually finding 10 things that I don't like was a bit of a challenge.

The good thing of having less clothes? Your wardrobe is more utilized, more efficient.

Now, my friends all tell me that it's harder to declutter because I'm a girl and I work in a beauty company, so I'll want to be all fashionable and come to work in a different outfit every day. True, I have to say that girls do have more things than guys, but I don't think this is an excuse to be a pack rat. Anyway, my dream cupboard is to have a wardrobe that looks like JFM's - look at it here - which everyone tells me is impossible, because I am a girl, I have a shopping addiction, blah blah blah. I know I probably will never ever have something so clean and minimalistic (and how does he keep his white shirts so clean??) but by aiming to have something like that, I've already managed to pare down a lot of unnecessary stuff in my wardrobe.

Then I went through my box of candles, incense and matches. I used to have a real big thing for burning candles and incense - so I got rid of another 10 useless things from that box. It's amazing how clutter creeps up on you, how there are little boxes here and there to kind of add distraction into space.

My bathroom. Now, you might again say I'm cheating by saying I'm decluttering my shampoos, because doesn't everyone declutter shampoos naturally anyway? But, I'm the type of girl that has a great love for shampoos (I used to use 7 different shampoos at a time) so I have this habit of never finishing products. Everything in here is half - three quarters gone. By the time 19th of December rolls around, all these things will be finished using and sent for recycling, hence I consider this another 10 decluttered.
(Also, I'm restraining myself from opening new bottles of shampoos. Bear in mind, I have a giant box of nothing but shampoos and hair masks in there waiting to be opened! Hoarder, hoarder, I know!)
And, don't tell me to give away the shampoos and masks, because those things are really things that I will eventually be using, and I love using! Everyone needs to have their little pleasures in life, and one of mine is washing my hair, so there!

Face masks. I went through a phase in my life where I used a face mask every day, and my face was never smoother or brighter! (And not a pore in sight!)
I've abandoned that practise lately though (and my face is showing signs of neglect!) so I have decided to go back to that regime, and by that, I will be decluttering 30 masks in the month of December, easy peasy. (Often, I use two masks a day when my face really needs it).

Now you think I sound like a pampered beauty queen, but the point of doing this is, is really
a) decluttering stuff that's just staying in boxes
b) having a smooth face. Who says decluttering cannot contribute to your face??

I'd previously given 50 lipsticks away - now, bear in mind again, I work in a beauty company and for some reason, I've never learnt to be immune at a warehouse sale, or to stop going to one - and that's why I end up with so many products! I took a look at my makeup bag again, and got rid of 20 old products that are too old and I can't use anymore.

So there are 90 things down, another 410 items to go. Honestly, at this stage I really feel it's going to be super tough to get rid of 410 items when I estimate it took me about 4 months to get rid of about 300 items previously, but we will see how far this goes.

Day 2

I'm willing to admit I was way too ambitious, because I've been so busy at work I didn't have time to get rid of anything over the past three days.

Anyway! Salvation Army is coming over today, so I went scrounging around for more things I could get rid off.

3 pairs of shoes.

The flats, I bought six years ago (how time has flown!)
The gray heels, four years ago in Japan. If anyone wants to be minimalist, do not go shopping in Japan. You will come back with so much stuff!!! LOVE Japan!
I digress.
And the black pair of espadrilles, I got from Asos earlier, but they're about one size too small for me.

50 hangers.
When I moved, I brought all my hangers with me. Unfortunately, the hanging space I had at home is about 4 times the space I have here, so bye-bye hangers!

Presents - 10
I went to the L'Oreal the other day, and came back with a whole set of giftboxes. Some I had an idea of who I wanted to give, but some, I honestly only bought because I thought they were very pretty.

Nail polish / miscellanous - 10
Went through my bag of nail polishes, and got rid of those that I can't use anymore, have hardened, or i have no idea what they are.

Pouches and travel sets - 10
I seem to be a magnet for free pouches - i'm always getting pouches here and there, so I'm putting away all these pouches away to the Salvation Army. Some are brand new and I always thought I would get around to using them, but four years later, they're still wrapped in plastic. So, bye bye bags!

50 kabuki brushes.
For those of you who don't know what kabuki brushes are (i'm rolling my eyes at you, men!) they are the most awesome makeup brushes ever! They're soft and don't irritate your face and your makeup gets applied really evenly!
However, I don't need 50 of them. So, farewell kabuki brushes!
(in the past year, I've been only using 2 kabuki brushes. As I wash them daily, there's really no need to switch to new ones).

So far, only 220 items in total have been gotten rid off, and this is falling short of my ideal of 500.

I'm not too bugged about not winning this #minsgame (because I've been decluttering so much over the past months there's not too much to declutter anyway) but what I have learnt is that this idea of minimalism, or decluttering, is something that is constant and not something that you only do once a year.

I never would have thought, that after getting rid of so much stuff, I still would have 200 things to get rid off. Yes, a lot of them are very small, but these things are very insidious, and well, every little bit adds up.

Decluttering isn't something you do one off. Somehow, you're always going to have little bits of clutter every day, whether it's something as basic as receiving flyers, or a nail polish you don't use anymore. It really is incredibly freeing, when you get rid of things.

I'm very proud of myself! One year ago, I was a huge packrat. I hoard, hoard, hoard (there is still some hoarding going on, if you take a peek at all the shampoos I stow away) but it's so much better. I've found that I save so much more money and time. Money, because I realize I don't buy so much anymore, and time, because I don't spend so much time rooting through stuff to look for them.

I used to have 50 pairs of shoes, I now have 15. (Please don't ask me to go down to 5. Please.)
I used to have 4 large makeup bags, I now have 1.
I used to have so many clothes (I'm not sure how to estimate this) but now I have a quarter of what I used to have.

So, you try it!!
I'm sure you'll discover lots of things about yourself whilst doing it - discovering what you need, what you don't, and what you thought you wanted but ended up never using.

Bye from me for now!

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