Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello from Germany everybody!

It has been a great few days here so far - I had the best birthday ever! The boyfriend really surpassed himself and I was really not expecting such an amazing birthday, but it was just - perfect!
I'm not going to write about the details because I think some things are very special and should be kept close to my heart - but, it was just the most perfect birthday ever.

On another note, I have been having an incredibly growly stomach! I was speaking to the boyfie about my diet in Singapore, and I realize that probably all my problems are stemming from my lifestyle, stress and food.

When I get home, I'm intending on starting either a juice cleanse (probably not going to be as extreme as only drinking fresh juices for 3 days straight), but really I want to start being healthier, eating more fruits and generally not being so unhealthy.

Here's what a typical day is for me :

Have a coffee first thing in the morning. Not with water, not with anything else, just coffee. Call me dehydrated.

Lunchtime is normal - going out with my colleagues to eat stuff.

Teatime is snacks - more coffee or sweet drinks, chocolates, biscuits (whatever's around the office).

Dinner - sometimes I finish work late, at around 10pm. When that happens, I normally go home and sleep without dinner.


This really seems pretty unhealthy.

I never realized how unhealthy my diet was until I told my boyfriend about it. The next step is really to fix it and do something about it.

Cabbage soup anyone?

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