Saturday, January 4, 2014


Hello from Dusseldorf!

As I write this, an announcement has just gone off and my flight has been delayed (indefinitely) but they will tell us what time we take off. Bad weather conditions, they say. It's cold and wintery here - a mild winter, by any European's standards, but for me being brought up in South East Asia, I can't wait to be back in the sun!

These two days have been very travel heavy. First, we travelled back from Venice by 2.5 hour train, then to the Malpensa airport by another train that took 30 minutes, stayed the night the airport, flew in to Dusseldorf this morning and landed at noon, stayed in the airport (I was too tired to go downtown and didn't feel like lugging all my suitcases - or rather, have my boyfriend lug them for me) then fly about 6 hours to Abu Dhabi, transit there for four hours, then fly another 8 hours to Singapore.

Oh, and I discovered I totally forgot about my apartment keys. My apartment keys to Singapore are sitting in Milan right now, so I will see if I can pick up a spare from my landlord when I land in Singapore.

I am very tired, but very happy that I have some time to write. (I hope my battery lasts).

Europe as always, is very charming. Perhaps Europe is too big or vague a word, I was actually only mostly in Germany (a little of Netherlands and Belgium) and Italy. I like Germany - I think it's very pretty, it's clean, and it has currywurst (what's not to like?). However, I'd never been to Milan or Italy before, and didn't have much of an expectation on it. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised at Italy.

There's a vibe to the city. It's real, it's raw, it's dirty. I have never seen a city with so much graffiti before (then again, I am not so well travelled). I loved the people, how well dressed some were, and how hoodlum-like the rest looked. My boyfriend's Italian family were super nice and the cutest couple you can find, and it's always great to have a peek into another person's culture and life.

It is always hard to say goodbye to a holiday, and to a person, but I'm looking forward to starting work on Monday. Hello 2014, hello new challenges, hello new happiness I will inevitably find!

Speaking of New Year, if you had asked me one year ago what I thought I would be doing to usher in 2014, never in my life would I have expected to spend it having a fancy dinner in Milan with a group of very nice people, watching fireworks over a river (but Malaysian fireworks are much better, sorry Milan!) and then cycling and walking home after that.

I think you never can tell what life will bring you, and how unexpected and beautiful it really can be.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope for an amazing year for all of you!

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