Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Wow, I had the worst jet lag I'd ever experienced before!
I reached home Saturday night at midnight, and slept till 3pm the next day. Slept only at 2am because I couldn't fall asleep, woke up at 6am to prepare for work and cook myself breakfast.
Around 10+ I felt rather dizzy already, but I thought I could just go on.
At lunch, I picked at a mango salad and drank lots of tea...and as we were paying the bill, I suddenly started retching. My intern quickly ran to the washroom to show me where it was, where I proceeded to throw up all my tea.
Went to the doctor, who said I had a stomach flu (but I am predisposed to not believe her, she doesn't seem to be very good) and the minute I reached home, I felt like absolute death. I was hot, burning up, headachy and with a terrible sore throat.
I finally fell asleep - under my Level 6 warmth blanket (ha ha, level 6!) which I think is more suitable for a cold country than Singapore, and no air conditioning switched on, because despite feeling really hot and burning up, I also felt really cold.
I spent all of today resting, which I think is exactly what my body needed. The last 3 days in Italy were very hectic and I think my weakling body finally crashed when I got home.
So much for me being a strong woman.
I'm working tomorrow, I hope I don't throw up over anyone.

Peace out!

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