Friday, January 17, 2014


It's been six months since I started my journey into minimalism, and you would think that by now I would be sick of decluttering, or have run out of things to declutter, but you are wrong!!

It's amazing how much clutter still exists everywhere. I got into my job 4 months ago, but today I spent a good hour just clearing out papers and junk that has accumulated over the months (and only 4!). Clutter is very insidious, it seems to sneak up from every corner, every drawer and every cranny! I was very good today, I shredded all the documents I no longer need, threw out all the little things here and there that would not be used (I actually found butter on my table. A little mini pack of butter. How'd that get there??) and I felt so much clearer and more in control!

The reason why I got into work today and spent my first hour clearing my physical stuff and not my inbox (like I usually do) was because it was starting to feel like too much. And I don't know why, but for me, physical clutter really translates to mental clutter. Once my desk was clearer, so were my thoughts. I felt more organized. More okay. I started taking on one task at a time. You know sometimes how you're in the middle of doing one thing, and out pops an email about something else, and an hour later you've started on five different things but have completed nothing? Well, that's me. And today, I focused on doing one thing at a time. Finishing stuff. It felt good. 

I also took out some things from my cupboard to donate. Clothing donation is a never ending process with me. I'm very pleased to say that I buy a lot less clothes than I used to, and I've given away over 30kgs of clothes, but I still think I have a lot of clothes that are just there but not being worn. I've actually taken out a lot of hangers from my closet so I have less hanger space in the closet, and this is to force me to only put in stuff that I really want to wear. If I no longer have space in my cupboard (and it's a small cupboard) then something has to go. I no longer operate by the 'when I buy one thing, five must leave the cupboard!' rule, but now I'm trying to have a more long, drawn out process of giving away stuff (and of course, also buying less.) There's really no point in giving things away if you're going to just fill it all back up. 

Minimalism, or decluttering, is really not something you only do once a year. It's something that you do every day - and there are lots of days when I fall off the bandwagon. For instance, my bathroom is still very cluttered with all my products. BUT! I was looking at a picture of my old desk, and I'm incredibly happy to see the progress I've made. I used to be fine with living in a mess and an over-cluttered environment, but now the tolerance level to mess and clutter has become much less. 

I'm actually going to spend my weekend decluttering - not only physically, but unwinding mentally. It's only the first two weeks of the new year, but with everything charging at full speed, I need time to myself.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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