Sunday, January 12, 2014


There's no silence in today's world anymore.
Do you ever have a moment's peace where there's just silence?
I don't.
I've realized that every single moment is filled up with noise.
When I'm on the train to work, my earphones are on.
When I'm bored, I'm scrolling through Facebook.
We don't have empty moments anymore that allow us to think.
I tried to sit by the pool earlier today, and I felt incredibly naked not having a phone, or a book, or anything to do.
I'm going for a digital detox soon.

On another note, the past week has not been too fun for me as I've been down sick. I spent my entire weekend sleeping, and while I'm feeling slightly better (finally caught up with my sleep!) there's just a very huge overwhelming lethargy that I'm trying to fight (and am not winning).

Maybe what I need is also pure rest, rest that doesn't entail lying down surfing the Internet, or being sprawled on a couch watching TV.

It's like cheating, you're resting but not really resting.

See you another time, world. I'm going to bed.

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