Saturday, January 18, 2014


I'm going to write about the Singaporean woman today - or at least, one aspect of it. 

I'm going to generalize here, but I really do find Singaporean women well dressed. There's a certain sense of style I notice all of them have. It's hard to find a sloppy woman. Yes, on weekends you will find them in shorts and flip flops, but there's something done up. Nails. Hair. Makeup. 

I find this very inspiring actually. I've always thought that one should dress up when going out - in Japan, I believe it's a sign of respect - which I think is true. It's like how you dress up for an important presentation. You accord a person respect with how you dress.

I think environment plays a big part though. In Singapore, everyone seems well dressed. There's more social pressure to be presentable. Nice clothes are easily accessible everywhere, and I don't even think that expensive (well, pick your poison. If you're going for brands, sure they're expensive). I bought my favourite yellow pair of jeans for SGD20. In Malaysia, I don't think I can find jeans for RM20. (I'm doing a dollar to dollar conversion here, which actually makes more sense than converting it) since I now live here.

I do see that Singaporeans all around the world, even when they're plucked out of their country and put somewhere else - their sense of style remains. 

Now you might say, yes, but it's a very materialistic culture, blah blah blah - ok. No argument. The point is, I find their style very inspiring.

Onto dressing better!

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