Saturday, February 15, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I actually had the funnest Valentine's Day I've ever had.

First of all, I've never celebrated V Day before. I always thought it was way too commercialized and there was no meaning to it. BUT! For people who want to celebrate it, I think it's awesome too! (I can't stand Grinches who make all kinds of disparaging remarks to people who do actually go out and celebrate.) It's your own personal choice if you choose not to, just like how it's their personal choice to celebrate!

This morning when i went to work I dressed with extra care and put more effort in my makeup. Why? Valentine's Day! It's a day for love - and a day I choose to love myself. Hee hee!! It's always fun to have an occasion to dress up, anyways.

It was quite cute because everyone in the office was wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day (even during our con-calls) and we even planned to have a Valentine's lunch! I skipped out of it last  minute but I think it's a pity, cause it was cute that everyone went out and celebrated!

The men in the office were funny. There were two responses :
1) Oh shoot. I guess I better get my wife flowers.
2) It's Valentine's day? Shit.

Then all the girls in the office (only one girl got flowers from her husband) were mock complaining about their husbands and the lack of roses.

After work, we went for Valentine's drinks (those who didn't have partners, or who's partners were overseas).

I always used to scoff at this, but I think people forget that it's a day not just for a partner, but a day to spend happy, and with nice people. And it's honestly fun, getting into the spirit of it, eating chocolates, giggling about stuff, and just going out and having drinks.

So, happy Valentine's day everyone! I hope you all have a good one :)

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