Thursday, March 27, 2014


I was going to start this post with 'We all make excuses-' then I realised that statement in itself is an excuse, an excuse for myself making an excuses.

So let me re-start.

I make excuses. I get lazy, I get tired. Take today, for example. I wanted to go swimming, but I was feeling completely zonked from work. I lazed around on my couch, texting and Skyping, and finally at 10pm hauled my butt down to the swimming pool.

Only problem is, swimming pool closes at 10pm. 'Close' is not exactly the right word, because you can still swim if you want to, but all the lights were off and I didn't fancy swimming alone in the pool at night. I mean, have you guys watched those CSI episodes? Come on. I don't want to end up floating in the pool the next morning...

Anyway, that in itself is an excuse too, although one I'm going to consider valid. But this led me to a realization that I also make excuses for writing.

Ever since I was 9, I wanted to write a book. I've started so many half finished manuscripts, and when I was a teenager I was energetically writing to newspapers every week, spouting out my opinion on dozens of subjects. Somewhere along the way, I lost a little of that drive. I was affected by criticism. I didn't understand why people didn't see my point of view. I stopped writing.

And now, I'm practically middle-aged. Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but I don't have a single book to my name! I used to fantasize about being some well known author wearing nice tight jeans and boots (don't ask me why, this was always the vision) but somehow life has passed me by and I'm nowhere near this dream.

So, time to stop making excuses. I'm going to start writing my book.

Oh - in case you're wondering where I was inspired from, go here. This girl wrote her book, and put it up and lets people decide how much they will pay for it! What an awesome idea, I totally want to copy it and do it too.

It's not too late to chase dreams. :)

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