Saturday, March 15, 2014


I have decided to focus more on...focusing.

Have you ever gone in to work, feeling determined to be as productive as you could be? You switch on your laptop, you open up the first email, you start to reply - only to realize you need a few other things before you can finish the email. You then proceed to another task - and another - and another - and before you know it, you've started multitasking 10 things at one time, and by the end of the day, you've accomplished none.

One good, well done task is much better than 10 half finished tasks.

I've started having a higher awareness of my wandering attention span lately, and I'm attempting to control it. I make a bigger effort nowadays to finish one thing properly before moving onto another next thing. I'm trying to rush things less, and instead, take a little while more to do it, but with more attention to detail.

I swam today, after a long time of not swimming. The pool is also double the size of the pool I used to swim back at home, so one lap alone tires me out. I found that swimming seems to be a good way to focus. The repetition of the strokes, the breathing pattern, the regularity of it (or in my case, it gets very irregular as I start to tire) allow me to focus and concentrate more on doing one thing at a time.

I'm hoping it calms my rather buzzy head. I'm trying to declutter not only my physical home, but mentally too. Simpler, clearer, with better priorities.

Speaking of clutter, it really is a never ending fight with it. I buy a lot less, but somehow clutter always creeps back in. Whether it's in the form of receipts, flyers, plastic bags, clutter has a way of sneaking into your home. However, I'm very proud of myself because last night I cleared my bathroom countertop, and now it's a nice, empty surface, with all the products hidden behind the glass mirror. You might ask me to declutter my products, but that is not going to happen! One step at a time!

So, focus. In fact, even writing this blogpost has made me realize how my thoughts vary. I talk more focusing, and then I veer off course to tell you about my bathroom countertop. (Highly fascinating, I know).

If you know ways how to focus better, let me know. I sure could do with help.

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