Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I cannot tell you how ridiculously self-satisfied and smug I am with myself right now.

I'm leaving for the airport in 20 minutes, and my house is exactly the way it should look. Laundry folded, floors swept and mopped, dishes done, countertops clean.

It's also crazy how long this takes! I live in a tiny apartment, only 450 square feet, and since I got on my minimalism roll I have been steadily throwing stuff out - but it still takes ages to put everything in order!

I won't be writing for the next week or so as I'll be in meetings in Hong Kong. But, what I did want to write about today was the perfect weekend I had.

This is how it went :

Morning : Woke up, Skyped for  a while, then lazed in bed. Two hours later decided to plop myself in the swimming pool and swim. Finished swimming, sat by the pool reading Murakami's 'The Elephant Vanishes'. (sidenote - finished it. Not so pleased.)

Afternoon : Waited for maintanence guy to fix my sliding door. He came, and it took 3 minutes. After he left, I took a nap. Woke up, Skyped a bit more, then went out for dinner.

Dinner : Went out for dinner with a fellow Malaysian who's leaving Singapore. I'm super sad he's leaving, he was here for 9 months and he's a super nice guy -down to earth, no airs, fun, the anything goes type of person. He's going home to get married, so he has a whole new exciting life ahead of him! We fought over the bill, both were very violent in wanting to pay. I won. I always win at this bill paying game!

Came home, slept.

Sunday was even lazier than Saturday, I didn't even leave my house and instead alternated between sleeping on my bed and dozing off on my sofa.

I think my body is now prepped for the coming frenetic pace that will be Hong Kong, and next week when a nuclear bomb of activity hits me!

The point of this story is not to bore your socks off - but it's that it's really good to have your own alone time. It's good to just unwind, chill and take a step back. I am finally getting really tired of being in a constant hectic pace, which was my life in KL, and now in Singapore things are  so much easier. Of course, I have a lot less friends in Singapore than back home, which also explains the less busy pace.

Off to Hong Kong now. I shall come home with adventures to share!

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