Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Teeny Weeny Name Change

Hello everybody!

I’ve done a little thing today! I’ve renamed my blog into ‘The Hodgepodge Files’ instead of ‘The Declutter Files’, because I feel it’s a much more accurate description of what this blog is about, and what it’s going to be.

There’s only so much I can write about decluttering, and I’m really not in any position of authority to talk about it at all.

People have told me that my blog lacks focus, as I tend to blog about a lot of other random things besides decluttering and minimalism, and I should have more focus and stay true to the topic. In all honesty, I know what they’re saying makes sense. I’m a marketer and this is exactly the same advice I would give myself. The only problem is, I like so many things! So I’ve decided instead of streamlining the blog, I’m going to write to make myself happy, and that is to write about everything that goes through my head!

Another thing is, I've been doing this thing where I only have one word for my blog titles (the idea of it was I wanted to be minimalist with my words) but I'm going to be changing this too - solely because I want to, and it's really damn difficult to think up only one good relevant word per post.

I got back from the Philippines a couple of days ago and it was an amazing trip. I think everybody should go to the Philippines – and no, not only to Boracay (what is up with people and these touristy joints??) because the people are really smiley and great there. I have never met an entire culture of people that were so smiley before! But, I’ll write about that another day.

Fun fact for the day – a couple of months ago, I’d sent a white shirt of mine for cleaning (I just wanted someone to iron it actually). It came back to me, I hung it in my cupboard and yesterday I decided to wear it. I was wearing it for the whole day, feeling pleased as punch, and in the evening I realized something.

This was not my shirt.

It was a white button down long sleeve shirt, but it wasn’t the one I had sent for cleaning! I think the cleaners must have mixed it up, because I’d sent a Spade shirt and in return I got an H&M shirt! The good thing was, it was a perfect fit and I like it better than my old one. Hee hee!

Toodles for now!

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