Monday, June 9, 2014

Hobnobbing with Hobs..

So, my kitchen hob isn't working.
The cooker has a heat speed from 1 - 6, and 1-3 doesn't work. The light only flares up at 4, 5 and 6. I called the cooker manufacturer and they got a technician to come over. It's a bit annoying because the technicians can only come over on weekdays and not weekends, so I had to specifically come home for this.

Anyway, the technician comes, pokes and prods about, and announces that my cooker is fine.

Me : No, the light is not on.
Him : The light is not supposed to be on. I read the manual this morning. Speeds 1-3 are for slow cooking!
Me : I know it's for slow cooking but when I used to cook with them the light was switched on!
Him : No, the manual says it's not.
Me : But I used to SEE the light and now I don't.

Technician switches on up to number 6, and goes back to number 1.

Him : See? It's hot. Feel it. It's just that the light is not switched on.

Me (thinking ) of course it's hot, you idiot, you just turned it from the hottest heat speed!

Him : Ok, look! There's a light! But it's really dim.
Me : I don't see the light.
Him : Maybe you can try switching the lights off?
Me : I don't cook in the dark, you know.

Impasse. He picked up his stuff and left.

10 minutes later I checked my cooker which was switched off. It was STILL hot (because he'd been switching it on from number 6). Obviously the speeds 1-3 still do not work but nope, he doesn't believe me.

Thanks for making me waste my day like this!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

On Why Zumba Instructors Really Count

So this week, I've been on a roll.

I've been exercising every day, and switching things up!

Here's what I've been doing :

1. Running
2. Swimming
3. Zumba
4. Pilates
5. Yoga
6. Body Combat

(No, not all on the same day).
Anyway, by far, my favourite is Zumba!
I have no idea why I've never joined Zumba before - well, okay, I do have an idea - the idea of a dance class has always scared me off because I am really not coordinated and people always make fun of my dancing. Ahem.

But I love dancing! I think it's so fun! Too bad people watching me don't find it fun.

Over this past week, I've gone for 3 Zumba classes with 3 different instructors. I got lucky because on my very first class, I got a really good instructor. To begin with, she was extremely hot - ha ha! I mean it, so it was actually very nice to look at her! She had a really nice body, and she was obviously a very good dancer and was super clear - there were a couple of first timers in my class too, and everyone could pick up the moves. And, I think what makes a difference is that she was always laughing and smiling and looked like she herself was genuinely having fun.

The second instructor was horrible. I went to a different gym, and it was this mad looking woman who looked like she'd escaped from the 70s or 80s. She had a mullet. I kid you not. She was this wiry, muscly lady in her forties and not a good dancer. It was visually displeasing to watch her. And when there were some latecomers in the class, she stood in the middle of the stage and yelled at them. Er..okay.
She also kept demonstrating the wrong moves to show that we were doing it wrong, but would only demonstrate the right moves one time. So her style of teaching is this : Show you one time - get you confused, then show you 3 types of wrong moves subsequently.
What a horrible class! Never going back!

The third class I had today, and it was this super cute Japanese guy from the same studio as the first one. Like the first instructor, he looked like he was genuinely having a good time, he was always smiling and he was very clear with the cues and stuff.

It's made me realize that the instructor is really the most important thing. If I had started off with the second instructor, I would have just gone home and bitched about Zumba for the rest of my life.

Oh, and I did go for one pilates class at another gym...but seriously, Cassey Ho is a better Pilates teacher despite being virtual. Hee hee.

Signing off for now!

Why I'm Not Sorry I Stepped On Your Toes

Picture this.
We're in a lift. I'm standing right in front.
The door pings open (not my floor).
A man behind me (well, diagonal to my left) wants to get out, but I'm blocking him.
There's no way for me to go, except behind, to let him pass.
So I step behind.
My heel sinks into someone's foot.
I turn around, with a horrified expression.
"I'm so sorryyyy...." I say to her.
She ignores me, scrunches her face up and gives me a real bitch face.
The lift opens, she gets out, followed by her posse, who are all looking at me as if I've committed a crime.

Here's the thing.
One. It was an accident.
Two. I said sorry.
Three. Learn some manners. You being so rude and giving me that bitch face only makes me wish I'd stepped on your foot harder.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

To Healthy Living!

As I write this, I'm literally 2 kgs heavier than when I weighed myself this morning, thanks to a stomach full of Hai Di Lao goodness. My God I love that steamboat place. It's so freaking delicious. The service is so good. The tomato soup. That tomato soup..I tell you. My cousin and I didn't even talk that much to each other because we were so engrossed in that soup.
(shit i'm 2kgs heavier!!!!)

I'm waiting for an hour to pass so that I can go do a little run. So, I've been very good last week and I avoided things like sugar, salt, processed foods and I noticed my little pregnant belly looking a little less pregnant. (I'll spare you the before and after photo).  Let me clarify, it's pregnant looking. Not actually pregnant.

But there are a couple of side effects I've noticed, and I googled them up to see if they were normal - which apparently they are.

Now, I'm not doing a full detox with my diet but I think it's a pretty radical change from eating all that sodium and un-pronouncable stuff to a more healthy and natural diet, but I have a few of those 'detox' like side effects like headaches and increased thirst. It's so weird. I've never in my life drank so much water (2 litres a day!) and now, I feel thirsty all the time. And I've developed dry lips and a mouth ulcer! I didn't find dry lips and a mouth ulcer as a side effect anywhere else, but I just think it's weird.

Still no cravings for sweets or sugary drinks yet - I had a small sweetened tea at dinner and I found it a bit too sweet. The idea of this really is not to be too extreme, or to cut my portions, but really to go healthy and eat more natural foods! So I bought sweet potatoes and asparagus earlier today, to make for my brunch snack tomorrow.

I've turned into one of those annoying people that are full of self-imposed dietary restrictions -
no sugar, no coffee, no alcohol, no salt, no processed foods. Please bear in mind, I will not give up wheat, and rice is totally out of the question! And I like my meat a bit too much, but I'm trying to swap pork for fish.

Okay, this is the end of my very boring anecdote of food. Goodbye for now!