Monday, June 9, 2014

Hobnobbing with Hobs..

So, my kitchen hob isn't working.
The cooker has a heat speed from 1 - 6, and 1-3 doesn't work. The light only flares up at 4, 5 and 6. I called the cooker manufacturer and they got a technician to come over. It's a bit annoying because the technicians can only come over on weekdays and not weekends, so I had to specifically come home for this.

Anyway, the technician comes, pokes and prods about, and announces that my cooker is fine.

Me : No, the light is not on.
Him : The light is not supposed to be on. I read the manual this morning. Speeds 1-3 are for slow cooking!
Me : I know it's for slow cooking but when I used to cook with them the light was switched on!
Him : No, the manual says it's not.
Me : But I used to SEE the light and now I don't.

Technician switches on up to number 6, and goes back to number 1.

Him : See? It's hot. Feel it. It's just that the light is not switched on.

Me (thinking ) of course it's hot, you idiot, you just turned it from the hottest heat speed!

Him : Ok, look! There's a light! But it's really dim.
Me : I don't see the light.
Him : Maybe you can try switching the lights off?
Me : I don't cook in the dark, you know.

Impasse. He picked up his stuff and left.

10 minutes later I checked my cooker which was switched off. It was STILL hot (because he'd been switching it on from number 6). Obviously the speeds 1-3 still do not work but nope, he doesn't believe me.

Thanks for making me waste my day like this!

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