Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why I'm Not Sorry I Stepped On Your Toes

Picture this.
We're in a lift. I'm standing right in front.
The door pings open (not my floor).
A man behind me (well, diagonal to my left) wants to get out, but I'm blocking him.
There's no way for me to go, except behind, to let him pass.
So I step behind.
My heel sinks into someone's foot.
I turn around, with a horrified expression.
"I'm so sorryyyy...." I say to her.
She ignores me, scrunches her face up and gives me a real bitch face.
The lift opens, she gets out, followed by her posse, who are all looking at me as if I've committed a crime.

Here's the thing.
One. It was an accident.
Two. I said sorry.
Three. Learn some manners. You being so rude and giving me that bitch face only makes me wish I'd stepped on your foot harder.

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