Thursday, July 3, 2014

Do Something!

There is this video going viral where a Filipino girl asks for the help of the public because she saw this guy in the MRT station and would like to get to know him.

Here :

What’s interesting – is not really the video, but all the mean comments. A majority of people are calling her desperate, slutty, an embarrassment, creepy, etc etc.

Honestly, I think this is way too judgmental. Come on, why are you getting so angry? Maybe if you happen to be the wife / girlfriend of the dude you can say these things, but you’re not! All this conjecture – is he married, is he gay, did he know she was filming him – it’s great entertainment, but why the heck are people so mean? Why?

I think it’s refreshing that she actually put herself out there and did something about it. Rather than mope about this guy and have him stuck in her head for the next few months, she posts a video of him. And if he’s married or gay, so be it. Maybe he’ll end up calling her – whether it’s to say ‘Thanks but no thanks’ or ‘You’re scary!’ (which I doubt), at least she will know and she doesn’t live her life with a ‘What if.’
It’s so easy for people to say, you should have just gone up to talk to him on the train. How? How often have you gone up to a random stranger to talk to, especially being a girl? I’ve never. Okay, well I’ve never either filmed a guy secretly, but that’s a different story!

The point is, she will know. And I think, an answer (even if it’s a rejection) is always better than uncertainty. If he’s nice but taken he’ll probably be flattered she took so much trouble to find him. If he’s a douchebag and gives her a mean response, she knows she wasted her time then and she can move on.

That’s my two cents! J

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