Thursday, July 31, 2014

Falling Off The Minimalist Bandwagon...Again

It's been over a year since I embarked on the journey of minimalism - and it's been a process.
It's been a process of getting really into it, donating 60% of my closet, paring down slowly, falling off the bandwagon, climbing back up on it, and falling back off it again.
I write this today when I'm off that bandwagon.
I'm annoyed with myself, and this post is a rant about how I feel.
I went to Europe for a two week holiday, to visit my boyfriend and his parents, and I sure as heck didn't pack light. I can't tell you how much this annoys me, because I KNOW how annoying it is when you overpack, and when you bring stuff that you don't need but just ends up taking a lot of space.
Here's a list of useless stuff I brought.
I'm writing this down, so that I remind myself the next time I travel, I don't need to bring this.

  1. A hair straightener that I used once.
  2. A blow dryer that I used twice.
  3. A curling tong that I never used.
  4. 6 lipsticks I never used.
  5. 5 different nail polishes and 2 nail polish removers - also untouched.
  6. 6 pairs of shoes. Come on, what was I thinking? I only ended up using 3 pairs regularly (sport shoes, casual canvas shoes, and the third pair that I used was actually bought here.

I feel so annoyed with myself.
I've also learnt that there isn't any point in beating myself up over and over again or fretting futilely. So when I touchdown Singapore, I'm going to start back my minimalist life again.

I think what I can give myself a good pat on the shoulder is not over-buying this holiday. Sure, I bought stuff, but this time I went for quality, not quantity (and I am constantly the other way around). 

I didn't have any extra baggage stress (like I always do when I travel because I usually over-buy). There was some tax refund stress but that's a story for another day, heh.

PS. I just realised my boyfriend reads my blog and may disagree with what I said about not buying that many things. The point is, I buy a lot less than I used to. And THAT'S the point to focus on! Improvement! 

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