Sunday, November 16, 2014

How Old Are You?

I have never understood why women find this question offensive.
Why is getting old seen as something to be ashamed about?
I have loved every second of getting older - more experience, more money, more life somehow! (Sure, the tummy is also a little bit MORE, but I guess that just means more exercise for me!)
I think it's something women do because we think that's what we're supposed to do - not tell people our age. We tell people it's rude to ask for our age...but why?
I hate never being able to ask someone for his or her age - men tend to be less sensitive, but then this is inevitably followed by the 'Guess how old I am?' question, which is bait for me to tell them they look young.
My response is always invariably '40' despite how they look, and it's quite amusing to see their faces sag in annoyance. I mean, dude. Just tell me.
I'm turning 28 next month, though I feel like I tend to act like a crotchety 40 year old. I can't wait to start my 28th year and fill it chockful of new experiences and good vibes.
And..honestly. When I ask someone how old they are (although I can't unless I get to know that person very well)'s not meant as an insult. It's just genuine curiosity.
It's now 9:45pm. Bedtime, guys. Good night!

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