Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I HATE Generalizations

"All women want a rich husband."
"All Asian women want to date a white guy." (AHEM, this is for you!)
"All men are weak."
"Men can't help themselves."

You know what, guys?
I am SO sick of generalisations.
First of all, generalisations are stupid. They're these big, sweeping statements that are just designed to excuse bad behaviour, which is pathetic in my opinion. And honestly, who the hell, in this day and age, is still dumb enough to make sweeping statements that encompass 'all'?

The beauty about today's world is that never before has individualism been so fiercely embraced. Sure, we're still collective as a society and we still seek approval and a percentage of us still find the need to conform to the standards society sets. In all honesty, I think there's nothing wrong with that. Don't get me started on 'hipsters' who are trying so hard to be cool (HELLO MAINSTREAM) that they've completely made a joke of themselves. I have real hipster friends who are really into the whole indie music scene and doing their own thing, and I have complete respect for them. But sorry, I don't have any respect for people who just dress like what they think is 'hipster' and act like they're the genuine thing. Maybe this is hypocritical - if I'm so OK with everyone conforming to society's standards, and if being hipster is now in, it should be OK - but I feel that the whole point of being a hipster is being different because you really are, or you really do have those preferences a hipster has, and not just because you want to be labelled a goddamn hipster.

FYI I'm not a hipster. I'm very mainstream.

I digress, as usual. Now, the reason why I don't agree to generalisations is that because it's just not true anymore. A friend of mine brought up a point today, the reason why people make these generalisations is because it is their reality. For example, if you grow up and are constantly being cheated on, I think it makes sense you'd think 'All men cheat'. While that isn't the worldwide truth, it's YOUR truth. 

I've had a lot of shit experiences that have really turned me off people, and I used to think 'All people are huge, major disappointments.' Well you know what? If I keep saying that, it becomes true. It's also a self fulfilling prophecy. And it's not true. People are not major disappointments. I've met so many people in life who have taught me so much about growth. I've had people inspire me to really become a nicer person, like this guy in my university days named Kit. He was the NICEST guy ever, he would always go out of his way to help, he always had a smile on his face, and dammit, he was just one of the most genuine people I knew. He's someone that actually made me think - hmm. Maybe I should stop being so negative and be a nicer person, because he seems plenty happy about it. 

I shouldn't waste so much time about this, but I have to say it feels so good to rant and pound away on my keyboard!

So yeah, people. Stop generalising. Stop making sweeping statements. Stop acting like it's OK to justify bad behaviour, or there's an excuse to be not so nice. If you want to continue making sweeping statements, make some nice ones, damn it. Like, all girls are peaches. Or, all men are huggybuns. Whatever, man! 

We need a bit more positivity in this world. 

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