Monday, June 1, 2015

I Met Rachel Yamagata!

Last Friday, I went for a Rachel Yamagata concert in Esplanade.

The first song I heard and loved of hers was 'Worn Me Down' when I was still in university. Then I'd gotten introduced to her Happenstance album, which is just this haunting, beautiful album. I listened to it after a breakup, and every word she said seemed to be everything I felt. I felt like, Goddamit woman, why do you know how much pain I feel!

Anyway, back to Esplanade - she's just ridiculously talented. I think my favourite part of the whole show was when she sang a cappella. The whole theatre was just silent and all you could hear was her throaty, husky voice filling the place. Her voice is SO, SO, SO BEAUTIFUL.

She's really funny and personable and incredibly likeable. She switched up from being funny and entertaining to singing these heart wrenching songs. At the end, she came out for the Encore and I was one of the people yelling 'Reason Why' when she asked what we would like her to sing. That's one of my most favourite songs in the world, and it's just a crazy feeling to watch her sing it.

There was an autograph session after so we waited in line to see her. It took 2 hours, and there weren't that many people ahead of us, maybe 60 or so, but the reason why it took so long was because she really took the time out to talk to everyone. I don't think it helps that everyone (including me) starts pouring out their life story to he. She's just incredibly sympathetic and warm, and damn it, she's just incredible.

Here's proof we met!!!

Can't wait for her to come back!

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