Monday, June 1, 2015

Jimmy Choo's On 40%

Hi blog,

I went to Siam Paragon two days ago and discovered Jimmy Choo was on sale.

40%, to be exact, for every shoe that had a blessed green sticker on it.

I tried a pair on that I really liked, a gold, shimmery pair of wedges that made my feet look immediately expensive.

I also got an immediate blister, but that's besides the point.

It cost about 500SGD after the discount, which in my head I was yelling 'BARGAIN!'

I've never had a pair of Jimmy Choos before. Wouldn't it be nice to say I owned one? It would be like a mark of saying I've made it in the world!

Then I thought of all the hardship people have in the world. People not even far from me, for example the Rohingyas who are crammed like cattle in wooden pens as they fight to survive.

And I thought, how much better I could spend that money instead of a damned pair of shoes.

How I've really lost a lot of sense of what's important in life and have a completely misplaced idea of the value of money.

And so I left.

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