Friday, September 18, 2015

Don't Be A Judgmental Hypocrite, Will You?

I'm sure you have people on your Facebook who are constantly posting up religious quotes and sayings. 

Before I go on any further, I would like to express my views on religion. I think religion is important. I think it guides us and gives us kind of a moral compass in life. I used to be quite religious - oh, you won't catch me quoting religious spiel to random strangers, but I would pray every night, read my religious books and try my best to be a good person.

After my dad passed away, I stopped though, because I was so angry and so upset that God had taken away my father. I was furious - despite all my prayers and best efforts to be good, to do good so that he could live longer, it hadn't worked. So I went on a religious boycott.

Anyway, that's a little side story, and there's more to it but it's not really relevant to what I want to say today. My point is, I like religion and I like their teachings. No matter what religion you are, all religion will tell you to do good, be kind, help others and not judge. Extremism is something else that should not be considered religion.

Of course, it's very easy to talk about all these things. And I am going to sit on my Judgment Throne right now, and dispense a few thoughts I have of people.

I'll give you an example of a lady I know on Facebook - let's call her Figgy (just because it's a fun name). Figgy is quite the activist and religious person. She constantly posts things about the bad state of our country, how we need to help improve it, pictures of her children and their weddings, and also of course, a few quotes on religion. If you were friends with her on Facebook, you would think Figgy is great and has her heart in the right place. You'd see Figgy as a caring, motherly figure that wants a better country for her children.

So the part which really annoys me is - I know Figgy in person. Figgy is extremely judgmental. She eyeballs girls who wear short skirts and high heels and likes to humiliate them (she calls it joking, I call it pathetic) by yelling loudly at them across the room at how short their skirts are. When girls come with their branded handbags, she doesn't say anything to them but behind them says things like "Eeyer, look at her, bought a new Prada handbag, who does she think she is? Thinks she's a big shot now!"

This is where it gets hypocritical - if you want to make the world a better place, you need to start with the small things. It's great that you have your heart championing all the right causes, but every day life is important too. Small things can bind (or break) a community. I don't think Figgy is a bad person per se, but she unfortunately falls in that typical stereotype of an irritating, judgmental aunty who is always gossiping about other people.

(It's also a bit ironic because I'm doing the exact same thing here, hah)

The point is : if you want to yell out on Facebook religious teachings or whatever, then maybe you should learn to be a nicer person. A person who doesn't judge so much. A person who doesn't get so bothered by what other people wear or what handbags they carry. Sure, some people like flaunting their branded stuff - and I know an EXTREMELY annoying human being who only seems to be able to operate if she can brag on and on about how much branded stuff she has, but a lot of people get stuff because they like the style of a product or just think it's cute. Not everyone out there is out to be a big, showy idiot. 

Let people do what they want to do, so long they're not hurting you. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Minimize Again

I am preparing to move again!

I look around my 450 square feet apartment and I'm pretty amazed at how much stuff I've accumulated again, despite having pared down almost half my posessions when I moved from KL to Singapore.

As time passed I found myself hoarding again - namely loads of beauty products, a huge habit of mine. And shoes. Shoes too. Too many shoes.

I think my next apartment is going to be even smaller than the one now, so I have about two months to get my game together.

I started small today, but I managed to declutter about 30 items of makeup. My dresser is looking a lot cleaner. It's amazing how much calmer and more peaceful you feel when there are clean spaces.

This is cheating, but I'm heading home tomorrow so I'm bringing a bunch of clothing with me that I don't wear anymore here but don't have the heart to give away (yet!). Since I hardly have clothes back home, I'm going to dump my clothes there for a bit, and the next time I come back and if I don't miss any of it, I'm going to throw it out.

I'm looking forward to minimizing again!