Thursday, September 10, 2015

Minimize Again

I am preparing to move again!

I look around my 450 square feet apartment and I'm pretty amazed at how much stuff I've accumulated again, despite having pared down almost half my posessions when I moved from KL to Singapore.

As time passed I found myself hoarding again - namely loads of beauty products, a huge habit of mine. And shoes. Shoes too. Too many shoes.

I think my next apartment is going to be even smaller than the one now, so I have about two months to get my game together.

I started small today, but I managed to declutter about 30 items of makeup. My dresser is looking a lot cleaner. It's amazing how much calmer and more peaceful you feel when there are clean spaces.

This is cheating, but I'm heading home tomorrow so I'm bringing a bunch of clothing with me that I don't wear anymore here but don't have the heart to give away (yet!). Since I hardly have clothes back home, I'm going to dump my clothes there for a bit, and the next time I come back and if I don't miss any of it, I'm going to throw it out.

I'm looking forward to minimizing again!

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